Who is Sarah?

Im Rahmen eines Schreibwettbewerbs haben die Schülerinnen und Schüler der 7a englische Artikel über Sarah, unsere Fremdsprachenassistentin, verfasst.

Dies ist der von Sarah ausgewählte Gewinnerartikel:

Who is Sarah?

Our new English assistant, Sarah, is 22 years old and comes from Ireland. She finished school and now she is helping our English teachers. Sarah can speak many languages, for example Irish, German, Dutch and sign language. She has a very clear pronunciation. She speaks slowly and very clearly in English, so that you can understand her very well. Her favourite subject at school was German.

She has one brother and one sister and two dogs. The names of her two dogs are Ben and Snowy.

At the moment she is living in Kaltenkirchen. She will stay in Germany till the end of Mai 2019.

Her hobbies are gymnastics and knitting and she hates to draw. Pink is her favorite color and dumplings are her favorite food.

von Lars-Morten Kage (7a)